Based on German technology and knowledge Silcio has invested more than €160.000.000 in building a state of the art production unit in Greece.

Silcio produces photovoltaic cells and panels using high purity silicon raw material. Continuous quality control tests guarantee high efficiency products.


An investment for the environment.

An investment for the future.



SILCIO SA is a Greek company specialized in the production of polycrystalline silicon wafers, PV cells and PV modules. The company was founded in 2005, and in spring 2009 its Patras, Greece plant started production, just 11 months following foundation.


SILCIO S.A. is located in the Industrial Area of Patras, the 3rd largest Greek city and the main Greek export port to Western Europe.




Our production facility is the vivid proof of our commitment to the environmental issues. It is very important to mention that:

    - The liquid waste and gas abatement systems are amongst the most advanced installed in Greece.
    - The slurry from the wafer production line is processed and recycled at specialized plants abroad.



Social Responsibility


Integrity, sincerity and fair business contact are values according to which we operate. This can be seen by the way we contact our business, by the work conditions of our employees, by the added value we are able to offer to our clients and partners and, finally, by our commitment to the environmental preservation.
Our target is to not only become the point of reference for the photovoltaic market in our region but also the reference point for creating a better workplace, a company that has invested heavily to minimize its environmental impact and footprint.


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